Calling All Green Collar Technology Workers!


Attention all goddesses:

You never know, this might be for you! I really, really like what I’m doing, and I wanted to share it with you. Plus, geek boys are the best! So…

Dear Everybody,

I’m writing you this note from work at Aloha Workshops, and I wanted to ask you:

What the heck is a green collar technology worker? If you’re not asking yourself this already, you should be!

Wikipedia defines it thusly: and they’re pretty precise, so make sure you read the whole thing! Green collar-got it? Good! You may now proceed to the next paragraph without the possibility of disorientation; besides, this was your first organizational lesson! (See Aloha Workshops educational reference below!)

The basic upshot of the situation right now is that these new workers for the clean energy sector and emerging green economy are going to have to come from somewhere, and they’re going to have to be trained somewhere too. There has been quite a buzz about this recently in the American media; presidential hopefuls have been talking about it, it’s been in politics elsewhere, and everywhere there are educational programs popping up to take care of the rising need for qualified people.

Aloha Workshops ( trains people in all aspects of  internet organizational design, marketing and support.   Somebody’s got to design and write and code it all and put it in its proper place, and Aloha Workshops can teach you how to do that. You’ll come away with valuable industry certification.

Hawai’i’s Big Island is a wonderful place to do anything! You can go snorkeling, surfing, diving, kayaking, snowboarding (yes, we do have snow on Mauna Kea!) swimming, volcano hiking  or sightseeing- as well as get an up-to-the-minute technical education by signing up for Aloha Workshops’ Intern Program

Located near Mountain View, Hawai’i, Aloha Workshops is nestled in a 20-acre pristine ohia forest tract, amidst giant ferns and orchids. Resident critters Tony (feline) Girly (feline) and Leo (roving canine) complete the homey residential atmosphere.

If all this sounds exciting to you, please give my boss a call! His name is Brent, and he’s knowledgeable, super-smart and easy to talk to. Here’s his info:

Brent Norris

Aloha Workshops


Join the fast-growing ranks of green collar technology workers! It’s satisfying work and has a very small ecological footprint…plus the food here at Aloha Workshops is phenomenal. I should know; I cook most of it when I’m on duty.

Thanks for reading!


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