Pretty Little Crop Circle


A friend of mine shared this picture with me today; not sure where it’s from, but it resonates:


Tash Photo Rules o.k.!

Tash is a British photographer who is Goddess-friendly, to say the least. He’s at the forefront of local and global alternative news and happenings in his area of the world. There are many grass-roots movements for social change that we don’t ordinarily hear about, but Tash is bringing these things to the attention of a much larger audience thanks to his work. Thank you Tash! Here’s his website link:

And here’s a youtube link to his excellent Glastonbury timelapse montage:

Watch for the cows that zoom in and out of frame!

Unplug For Peace

Check this out, people. It’s important!

Electricity-Free in Kalapana, Hawaii


Hello everyone!

I’ve been away awhile as my work contract is up, and so have been far, far away from the internet most days. Above is a picture of where I live electricity-free, internet-free, and largely plumbing-free. I forget that this is unusual, and that other folks might be interested in how such a lifestyle can be managed with style and grace. Please feel free to ask me questions, and know that I have in-town internet access 2 days a week, so all questions will be answered…

 In my cruising thru the internet,  I’ve started to see quite a lot of talk about low-tech living and living in harmony with the earth.  Just why this should be such a foreign concept to a lot of people I don’t know; where else would we live but here? I’ve also noticed that there’s no easy way to talk about this without coming off like some sanctimonious, slavering fanatic. I find that odd too. Know that you will not ever be preached at by me!