These lovely UK folks make fairy costumes- wings, tutus, headgear, the works. I love their site! It makes me smile. The quality of their workmanship looks to be superb…check ’em out!


Crop Circle in 3-D

Found this unusual one at


Quiet Buck

I found this site very interesting, honest and sincere. 

We just have to be present. This leads to hopefulness. 


Coming soon…Magic Shiny Goddess products!

Coming soon!

Magic Shiny Goddess products! Framed prints and tile boxes of my original fine art photographs, and I think Magic Shiny Goddess thong underwear to start with would be screamingly fun!

I’ve got my own ideas; what would you like to see?

Western Spaghetti


This short animated film made me feel so good.

Here’s their website link: http://www.eatpes.com/ where you can see many more shorts.

More Crop Circle pix!

There sure is a lot of interest out there about crop circles! Here’s some more pix! Isn’t it interesting how people respond to these things…

from http://www.hufos.net/news_in_general_21.html

from http://www.mystic-mouse.co.uk/Wisdom_Texts/G_Tucker/Crop_Circles_Warning/Warning_Signs.htm

from http://science.howstuffworks.com/crop-circle.htm

from http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/main.html

Pennsicwar 37

I wanna go! I wanna go! Probably during the second week when it’s supposed to be most exciting. Here’s the link! http://www.pennsicwar.org/penn37/

Another Pretty Little Crop Circle

Thanks to the folks who have commented on the previously posted crop circle picture. Yes, I think personally they must be communications of some kind. Here’s another one I just found: