Magic Shiny Goddess Travels

Boston, New York, Plymouth…yeah, we’ve done some serious travelling recently. Now that we’re battened down for the winter, I can finally start to sort through some images…



Trying to figure out wordpress’ gallery function…in the meantime, there’s two of everything!



This is the first time I’ve seen real snow in about 10 years!

Picture Diary

One of my online contacts, Ericos, set a challege to those who vblog to film their day. Since I am a little camera-shy (I’m often the one behind the lens, not in front of it, and forget being able to stand seeing myself on video!) So, in response, I put together a photo essay over the past few days, as lots of interesting things have happened, including a visit to a railroad, a trip to see a caboose for sale, and the arrival of our┬árv.