Magic Shiny Goddess Travels

Boston, New York, Plymouth…yeah, we’ve done some serious travelling recently. Now that we’re battened down for the winter, I can finally start to sort through some images…



Trying to figure out wordpress’ gallery function…in the meantime, there’s two of everything!



This is the first time I’ve seen real snow in about 10 years!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from me & Magic Shiny Goddess!

Blue Star Maiden

An interesting story about the Hopi Blue Star Maiden:

Manta Ray Migration

A friend sent me this; not sure where it’s from.

Ilana Yahav Magical Sand Painting

This…this is absolutely magical. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Colin Andrews

I found the above pictures on Colin Andrews’ blog. Mr. Andrews is a well-known crop circle researcher well-grounded in science; as such, his work has always been as objective as humanly possible.

The above blog article is very, very interesting.


These lovely UK folks make fairy costumes- wings, tutus, headgear, the works. I love their site! It makes me smile. The quality of their workmanship looks to be superb…check ’em out!

Crop Circle in 3-D

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