This is the first time I’ve seen real snow in about 10 years!


Picture Diary

One of my online contacts, Ericos, set a challege to those who vblog to film their day. Since I am a little camera-shy (I’m often the one behind the lens, not in front of it, and forget being able to stand seeing myself on video!) So, in response, I put together a photo essay over the past few days, as lots of interesting things have happened, including a visit to a railroad, a trip to see a caboose for sale, and the arrival of our┬árv.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from me & Magic Shiny Goddess!

Blue Star Maiden

An interesting story about the Hopi Blue Star Maiden:

Manta Ray Migration

A friend sent me this; not sure where it’s from.

Colin Andrews

I found the above pictures on Colin Andrews’ blog. Mr. Andrews is a well-known crop circle researcher well-grounded in science; as such, his work has always been as objective as humanly possible.

The above blog article is very, very interesting.

Autentica Sabiduria (Authentic Wisdom)


These lovely UK folks make fairy costumes- wings, tutus, headgear, the works. I love their site! It makes me smile. The quality of their workmanship looks to be superb…check ’em out!

Crop Circle in 3-D

Coming soon…Magic Shiny Goddess products!

Coming soon!

Magic Shiny Goddess products! Framed prints and tile boxes of my original fine art photographs, and I think Magic Shiny Goddess thong underwear to start with would be screamingly fun!

I’ve got my own ideas; what would you like to see?

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