Acme Green Energy Solutions hit the search engines!

My recent scientific research notes for HHO refractors have apparently been making the rounds in the search engines! I found it listed here, on a scientific research search engine; if you click below where it says “more”, it takes you right to our Acme site! Cool! And much tooting of one’s own horn!


Acme Green Energy Solutions is Taking Orders!

Hey there all you people in cyberspace, some of whom I know and most of whom I’ve yet to meet: Acme Green Energy Solutions LLC ( is ready to take orders! We’re so excited!  Please check it out, tell your friends and neighbors; we’re ready to FLY!
ACME Green Energy Solutions is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge Green Energy technology to residential, commercial and municipal/governmental customers with products including solar window films, HHO-OH fuel generators and thin-film photovoltaics. ACME Green Energy Solutions provides exceptional technical expertise and exemplary customer service to create green solutions for a global green energy market!

13 Moon Calendar Revolution


You might ask yourself: why do I need to be bothered about natural time? Well, consider the fact that the calendar you most likely use now is pretty well arbitrary, installed by Roman emperors, and has nothing to do with the movement of the planetary bodies or the rhythm of the seasons. The 13 Moon people have a very, very good point about this whole thing, and I encourage you to check this out!

And just to put a personal spin on this: who owns your time? Are you in charge of it, or does it belong to somebody else?

Just food for thought.

Tash Photo Rules o.k.!

Tash is a British photographer who is Goddess-friendly, to say the least. He’s at the forefront of local and global alternative news and happenings in his area of the world. There are many grass-roots movements for social change that we don’t ordinarily hear about, but Tash is bringing these things to the attention of a much larger audience thanks to his work. Thank you Tash! Here’s his website link:

And here’s a youtube link to his excellent Glastonbury timelapse montage:

Watch for the cows that zoom in and out of frame!

Unplug For Peace

Check this out, people. It’s important!

Electricity-Free in Kalapana, Hawaii


Hello everyone!

I’ve been away awhile as my work contract is up, and so have been far, far away from the internet most days. Above is a picture of where I live electricity-free, internet-free, and largely plumbing-free. I forget that this is unusual, and that other folks might be interested in how such a lifestyle can be managed with style and grace. Please feel free to ask me questions, and know that I have in-town internet access 2 days a week, so all questions will be answered…

 In my cruising thru the internet,  I’ve started to see quite a lot of talk about low-tech living and living in harmony with the earth.  Just why this should be such a foreign concept to a lot of people I don’t know; where else would we live but here? I’ve also noticed that there’s no easy way to talk about this without coming off like some sanctimonious, slavering fanatic. I find that odd too. Know that you will not ever be preached at by me!

Calling All Green Collar Technology Workers!


Attention all goddesses:

You never know, this might be for you! I really, really like what I’m doing, and I wanted to share it with you. Plus, geek boys are the best! So…

Dear Everybody,

I’m writing you this note from work at Aloha Workshops, and I wanted to ask you:

What the heck is a green collar technology worker? If you’re not asking yourself this already, you should be!

Wikipedia defines it thusly: and they’re pretty precise, so make sure you read the whole thing! Green collar-got it? Good! You may now proceed to the next paragraph without the possibility of disorientation; besides, this was your first organizational lesson! (See Aloha Workshops educational reference below!)

The basic upshot of the situation right now is that these new workers for the clean energy sector and emerging green economy are going to have to come from somewhere, and they’re going to have to be trained somewhere too. There has been quite a buzz about this recently in the American media; presidential hopefuls have been talking about it, it’s been in politics elsewhere, and everywhere there are educational programs popping up to take care of the rising need for qualified people.

Aloha Workshops ( trains people in all aspects of  internet organizational design, marketing and support.   Somebody’s got to design and write and code it all and put it in its proper place, and Aloha Workshops can teach you how to do that. You’ll come away with valuable industry certification.

Hawai’i’s Big Island is a wonderful place to do anything! You can go snorkeling, surfing, diving, kayaking, snowboarding (yes, we do have snow on Mauna Kea!) swimming, volcano hiking  or sightseeing- as well as get an up-to-the-minute technical education by signing up for Aloha Workshops’ Intern Program

Located near Mountain View, Hawai’i, Aloha Workshops is nestled in a 20-acre pristine ohia forest tract, amidst giant ferns and orchids. Resident critters Tony (feline) Girly (feline) and Leo (roving canine) complete the homey residential atmosphere.

If all this sounds exciting to you, please give my boss a call! His name is Brent, and he’s knowledgeable, super-smart and easy to talk to. Here’s his info:

Brent Norris

Aloha Workshops


Join the fast-growing ranks of green collar technology workers! It’s satisfying work and has a very small ecological footprint…plus the food here at Aloha Workshops is phenomenal. I should know; I cook most of it when I’m on duty.

Thanks for reading!

Aloha Workshops Invites You to Hawai’i!


ABOVE: Aloha Workshoppers getting ready to snowboard Mauna Kea

Brent Norris
Aloha Workshops

Announcing Aloha Workshops Web 2.0 Digital Media Internships

August 3rd, 2007 (Mountain View, Hawaii) Aloha Workshops is pleased to 
announce immediate availability of Web 2.0 Internships. Interested 
students, aspiring and practicing web professionals are invited to 
apply for an in-depth learning experience and work exchange program. 
The Web 2.0 intern program provides hands-on experience, training and 
professional development. Certification via limited scholarships 
provided by the World Organization of Webmasters are available to 
interns who excel in our programs.

Aloha Workshops provides real-world training and workshops based on 
the needs of real employers. Specifically, the Web 2.0 intern program 
is focused on providing web design, development and marketing 
instruction. Using our proven techniques and training programs, 
interns will leverage our ten plus years of experience to enhance 
their skills and work toward becoming self-sustainable on the web.

In exchange for free training and hands-on instruction, accepted 
applicants will work on real projects for clients in need of design, 
development and marketing services. Combining hands-on training in 
specific Web 2.0 tools and techniques with the direct application of 
newly learned skills dramatically improves retention rates. 
Immediately applying and practicing what interns learn bridges the gap 
between book knowledge (school) and client needs (work). This approach 
is consistently proving to be very valuable in personal and 
professional development.

The tools and techniques desired by employers change very quickly in 
today’s Web 2.0 world. Web workers are very much in demand.  In 
response to this need for qualified, talented individuals on the cusp 
of revolutionary technology, we’re stepping up our educational 
offerings to include internships.

To learn how to qualify and apply please visit:

For more information please contact:
Brent Norris
Aloha Workshops

About Aloha Workshops
Aloha Workshops provides adventures and training in paradise. Our 
programs are based on skills required by today’s employers. 
Instruction is provided in both traditional and alternative classroom 
environments. We are based in Mountain View on the Big Island of 
Our goal is to reduce the State’s dependency on tourism by improving 
our digital economies and advancing our technological capabilities.  
In a world of political uncertainty, and environmental instability, it 
is vital that we focus our energies within a self-sustaining, clean 
industry.  A technically advanced, drug-free learning and working 
environment is provided from our “off the grid” design studio on the 
Big Island of Hawai`i.


Copyright 2007 Aloha Workshops All Rights Reserved